This website provides you with an indication of health risk exposure due to the geographical prevalence of COVID-19 infection, based upon a combination of publicly available data and GeoJunxion’s proprietary geoprocessing algorithm developed in collaboration with the GeoHealthApp team.
Data is updated daily.

Standard Zoom Levels



  • No Information
  • Medium Risk
  • Low Risk
  • High Risk
  • Severe Risk of Exposure to Covid-19 virus in the next few days

Starting at zoom level 4, the risk level is displayed in squares of 1 km2 down to 10,000m2 at the highest zoom level

Source of data: Data used on this website is sourced from public information made available by the WHO COVID-19 information portal and national and local government health authorities including: Germany (RKI), Switzerland (FOPH and other local sources), UK (DHSC) , USA (CDC), The Netherlands* (RIVM), Belgium* (Sciensano), France* (SPF, and other local sources) and Italy* (DPC).

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