Administrative Boundaries for your website or solutions

GeoJunxion offers Administrative Boundaries for your website or solutions to add information or visualization to your website or solutions. Administrative boundaries are the geographic boundaries of countries, states, counties, cities, and other administrative subdivisions. They are used to define geographic areas for administrative purposes, such as voting districts, socio-economic analysis, regional planning, and other administrative functions. The GeoJunxion Administrative Boundaries are accurate representations of the administrative levels within a country. These can be part of the solution for: geo-locating, turn-by-turn navigation, routing, geofencing, local search, GIS analysis, geotagging and track & trace.


Geo-referenced BUA polygons can be applied to various use cases (just a few examples):
To pre-determine speed limits or other driving restrictions
To plan and monitor the fleets’ distribution activities and strategically locate their logistics hubs
To analyse and determine the value of properties
For pre and post analysis of users’ driving activities and behaviour
To plan and manage resources to serve customers
To monitor and plan activities on their territories distinguishing BUAs from other official administrative boundaries
To plan and execute marketing activities where there is higher return of investment
To enhanced map viewing and layering, weather applications, generic location positioning and many more.


Map: World