Alerting you to potential fines, safety and personal health risk zones

Get alerted when approaching or entering a dangerous area/zone that may have an impact on your health, your safety or the safety of vulnerable pedestrians along the way. Avoid paying unnecessary fines when entering a low Emission Zone or Limited Traffic zone without a badge or when you have not paid the correct fee. 


Unlocking all the data and app features via our 4,99€ annual subscription

Should you decide to subscribe to our PRO subscription service for an annual fee of 4,99€ you can access all the full data and app features. Your subscription can be cancelled at any time during the period according to the store rules.

The subscription service includes:

1.  detailed warning description for several categories of Eco alerts or safety alerts
2.  The ability to switch categories on and off and customize your experience
3.  The option to zoom in and out of the maps down to street level and discover all details for each individual zone
4.  Zones are updated daily for all three alert types.



The app communicates with our GeoJunxion location server and downloads several times per minute all permanent and temporary zones around you. The app checks your current location and evaluates whether or not you are in or out one of the 3 types of alert zones. Should you be within a zone, a voice alert will be heard.

In order to limit the amount of unnecessary data on your phone, our smart algorithm only downloads the latest alerts around you as and when necessary.
The App explained – Watch the video


Mary image

This is Mary. She’s on his way to the grocery store, which is only a few blocks away. She doesn’t mind the walk and heads toward the store. After a block or so, she gets an alert on her phone. It’s from the GeoAlertsLive app! She sees that there is a health alert zone up ahead. Mary knows GeoJunxion provides reliable and up-to-date information about High Alert Zones based on her location. She decides to take another route instead.

When Mary goes to work and has a hundred things going through her mind, the GeoAlertsLive app alerts her about an approaching a school zone. Mary knows to slow down and focus on her driving to keep everyone safe. And while on her business trip to Munich, she gets another alert informing her of a low emission zone ahead. Luckily for Mary, she already has the right low emission badge for her vehicle. 

John image

This is John He is the Fleet Manager of a large fleet of a touring bus company in the Netherlands. His company specializes in excursions throughout Europe with a special focus on France and Italy. John is aware that these 2 countries have the most Low Emission or ZTL zones. He is keen to reduce the impact of congestion and environmental charges on his vehicles and improve the safety of his drivers. His tour of France and Italy is due to start next week.  

With the GeoAlertsLive on his drivers’ phones he can rest assured that they will know how to navigate all of the Paris Low Emission Zones. Then when they approach Milan they will get an alert about all of the ZTL Zones. This way they can reduce or even avoid the risk of fines during their tours.  

If you manage a fleet of vehicles Contact our sales team for our special Business package now!



A map viewer to browse and discover alerts around you


You can select your language This first version includes English, German and Italian


You will be warned about alerts both via on screen notifications and voice messages


Once you launch the application on your smartphone and select your language you will be on your way to discovering all the features:
This first release 1.0 includes:
• All 3 types of alerts : Safety , Eco and Health
• Customized alerts according to your preferences
• The option to purchase the PRO version
• The app can work perfectly in the background, however it may drain the battery somewhat faster.



Same as the free version, however you can get detailed zoom level of the map up to street level plus detailed warning on the zone Type (Eco, Health or Safety) and the categories (congestion, ZTL, Heavy vehicles..) and ability to switch each category of warning on or off.
Geo Alerts Live Pro_eco Zone map
Geo Alerts Live Pro_eco Alerts
Geo Alerts Live Pro_Health Zone Map


• Be alerted about safety, health of risks of fine along the way
• Can be combined with your favorite routing app . It will stay in the background and warn you as and when necessary.
• Helps to reduce accident by being more alert in unknown areas.
• Travel to unknown cities with peace of mind knowing what badge is necessary to enter low emission zones.
• The free version gives you already a good experience, however you can always upgrade to the PRO version to unleash all functionlities and  get the latest information.
• It makes High Alert Zones content available on recent and latest Smartphones having iOS and Android as an operating system
• There is No specific hardware required

Watch the video to see how the App can help you

GeoAlertsLive App REVIEWS

"Car accidents are the leading killer of teens in this country. Teens are just learning to drive and face many distractions, so they're at a very high risk for accidents. I wanted to help my teenage daughter to learn safe habits from the very beginning so when she passed her driving test I asked them to download the GeoAlertLive app from the app store. Now I know that she receives alerts as she drives around."


"Whilst driving through Milan earlier this year, I received not just one ZTL fine, but two or three or more fines I stopped counting after that –These can really add up so I turned to the GeoAlertLive app to find out the exact location of these zones across Italy. That way I can enjoy the drive without worrying whether or not I am entering or crossing a ZTL zone."

XXXX Italy

"With more than 3,000 weather-related accidents on our motorways last winter, we've been talking with our local road infrastructure department about the things we can do for our fleet of heavy vehicles. We wanted to protect our drivers’ safety and decided to take up the fleet package offered via the GeoAlertsLive app."

XXXX Germany

"Navigating the Low Emission Zones in Paris has always been a nightmare for me. The zones open and close depending on pollution levels and I am clearly too busy in my job to keep track of this. With the GeoAlert Zones I know exactly when it is possible to travel into the town center."

XXXX France



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