Global Digital Map and Administrative Information

Our reputation was built on digital maps and they remain at the heart of our business. Customers around the world trust in our expertise, robust quality control processes and effective production methods. The range of products includes navigation maps; map tile servers; house addresses; plus administrative and ZIP code databases.

Global Digital Map GeoJunxion
GeoLocation API GeoJunxion

Geo Location Suite

Transforming location into knowledge for practical and often critical applications such as risk assessment, asset tracking and management, customised and targeted communication, fraud detection and smart navigation. Access to geographical data analysis supports better decision making in manufacturing, retail, financial services and many more industries. The range of products include location-aware data such as Administrative Boundaries, Build-Up Areas, Map Tile Server and ZIP code areas.

Geo Planning Suite

Turning location-aware data into actionable and relevant insights is also an invaluable asset for any business involved in resource and/or logistics planning. Efficiency can be maximised and routes optimised for delivery vehicles and other field workers. Time and distance analysis for potential employees or consumers can help developers evaluate sites for offices or retail premises.

GeoPlanning API GeoJunxion