Research, Data Collection and Consolidation

Enhance your maps and create richer user experiences with help from our Innovation Lab. Specific and localised content is researched and acquired from data sources worldwide . Once collected, the data is compiled as a consistent, map agnostic database and/or delivered via an API. Examples of this turnkey service include verifying, creating and distributing data on national ferry routes, roof top addresses, built up areas, courier routes, trails and much more.

Geo Analytics GeoJunxion

Geo-Analytics and Normalisation

Leveraging our experience in evaluating and normalising location data for maps, we undertake problem solving projects on behalf of other location content providers. The service includes extensive quality and consistency checks. A typical assignment could, for example, involve normalising countless different sources of address data to create one homogenous database.

Global Sources Search

Searching the globe for the cost-effective, location-aware content needed by customers for specific applications. Having identified any suitable data, it is evaluated, benchmarked and an extensive report provided on everything available in the particular market or region. Recent undertakings include researching address sources across 50 countries. If it is out there, we know how to find it!

Global Sources GeoJunxion Location Intelligence Services

Last Mile Mapping Service

Creating bespoke digital maps for last mile navigation within outdoor and indoor venues. Any venue plan, anywhere in the world with visibility to GPS or any other positioning system can be transformed into a new, interactive version accessible online and on the move. Visitors to campsites, sports parks, university campuses, industrial sites and event arenas can easily find their way around using a smartphone.