Building on decades of global map making, we are focusing our expertise towards creating premium content and services.

For example, Health Alert Zones delivering COVID-19 pandemic statistics and unique, street level risk evaluation.
We have the knowhow, technology and capacity to deliver this content on a worldwide scale.

Unlike the commoditised map market, these new products and services have a strong commercial value.
By combining the latest technologies with our remarkable sourcing skills and production techniques refined over 25 years,
we can deliver premium quality at very competitive prices.

GeoJunxion is the crossroads where fundamental, map related content connects with customised,
intelligent information and highly focused, innovations – all designed to enhance customer applications with smart insights.
Our agile approach enables us to react quickly, bringing new and relevant ideas – such as the Health Alert Zones –
to our customers in double quick time. Content which is ready for tomorrow’s 5G and IoT world.