AND International Publishers NV Releases 2019 Results

AND International Publishers NV has realized a revenue of € 1,1 million (2018: € 1,0 million). The company’s net result, excluding impairment, resulted in € (1,1) million (2018: € (1,6) million). Earnings per share came in at € (1.06) compared with € (0.84) in 2018.

AND Chief Executive Officer Thierry Jaccoud said: “2019 was as projected a major step in the turnaround plan for AND: We reviewed our entire go to market strategy, products roadmap and team structure. We managed to stop the decline of our base revenue from several long-standing clients, by ensuring their customer satisfaction and adding new recurring services, and stabilizing it at 1.1 Million Euro. Newly generated business was predominantly data sales and services, 70% of which delivers recurring revenue for the future. We improved our relationship with our large customers and created a good momentum in Q4 to provide a solid basis for the coming years. While we managed to launch our new strategy on safety and sustainability along with the announcement of innovative products such as High Alert Zones, we also entered both the ESRI Marketplace and the HERE OLP Marketplace. This lays good foundation for extending our visibility and making our content more broadly available to any customer. We ended the year with a good pipeline of opportunities for the next few years.

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