AND International Publishers – Trading Update May 19th

AND International Publishers NV is pleased to present an update on several business developments: 

Financial Results: 

The YTD 2020 order has been tracking ahead compared to the same periode in 2019. The growth however has been slower than expected, in part as result of Covid-19 related lockdown measures influencing availability and decisionmaking process.  The first quarter of 2020 revenue was 0.1M Euro below the 2019 Q1 revenue, primarily due to (a) one off projects delivered in Q1 2019 (HD maps, Russia address data) that did not recur in 2020,  (b) the ​Covid-19 impact on 2020 bookings of new opportunities and (c) slower conversion of projects. 

Commercial Results: 

We completed 3 significant projects on location-data validation and aggregation for a large global IT Company. In additionwe signed licence agreement with RealScenario  who integrated our USA ZIP+4 Code database and our San Francisco detailed neighbourhood information into their RealZipsGeoData Platform available via the RealZip app on the  AppExchange platform on since May 1st. ​  

The products that were launched during 2019 are gaining traction and we are on track to deliver on our 2020 products and services roadmap: 

  • Reached over 30+ Mio calls on our API and MapTiler platform per month​ 
  • Launched our Geo-Location API and Geo-Planning suites​ 
  • Launched a fully redesigned Developer portal with new competitive “all you can eat” price model​ 

We signed a new exclusive content creation and aggregation contract with a major global company, which is expected to form the basis of a new premium location product for AND soon.​ 

We are pleased to announce that we are supporting the COVID-19 contact app GeoHealth App with AND’s MapTiler technology and Geocoder and other location data. This will improve the location experience of the GeoHealth App very soon. 


Ivo Vleeschouwers joined AND on April 1st as CFO.​   He is nominated to be part of the Management Board of the company, subject to the approval of the shareholders.