AND Launches High Alert Zones

Capelle aan den Ijssel, Netherlands – 13 September 2019: AND has today launched High Alert Zones, the company’s first safety focused product. The location-aware content and services specialist has chosen road safety around schools for the initial module of this exciting new dataset, with others to follow in due course.

High Alert Zones targets school boundaries such as schools with smart polygons defining three levels of priority. The top priority zones cover a 200 metres boundary around the school; with medium priority at 300 metres; and finally, low priority at 600 metres. These are all areas where drivers are likely to encounter children crossing the road, walking along footpaths or playing nearby. School bus stops, public transport hubs and key parking areas are also included in the data.

“This new product is very much in line with our strategy of creating and delivering location-aware data which advances safety and sustainability,” explained AND CEO, Thierry Jaccoud. “High Alert Zones is a first step towards improving road safety for children. We intend to expand the existing coverage of the Netherlands to other countries and also incorporate additional locations where youngsters congregate and may be in danger from traffic.”

Primarily aimed at developers of in-dash or mobile navigation systems and alerting drivers when approaching schools, High Alert Zones can also support other location-aware applications such as re-routing or blocking streets during road works, marches or social events etc. or organising activities within the school zone itself. High Alert Zones is currently available as a dataset in standard formats and will soon also be offered via the new AND API portal.