AND Launches Its Developer Portal

AND Products BV (AMS: AND) launches today their Developer Portal, with a series of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). By working more closely with developers, AND wants to accelerate location-aware innovation and further improve its services.

“We are very happy to launch today one of the key deliverables we presented at our Annual General Meeting in May. This milestone will propel AND’s digital transformation forward and pave the way for the future” commented Thierry Jaccoud, AND’s CEO.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have evolved over the past few years, going from internal integration tools to digital building blocks that connect applications.

Developers can use them to create valuable experiences, innovations and new business models. AND Products’ goal is to provide developers with greater control and put them in a position to make the best decisions.

AND’s Developer Portal will offer a 24/7 self-service solution for developers to access AND’s great content and APIs effectively and productively. To start with, the site will provide a number of APIs such as Geocoder, ZIP+4 USA and Time Distance Matrix. Developers can request a free trial API key to test the functionality of this service. More and more APIs will be added as time goes by.

Visit AND’s Developer Portal on