AND signs important agreement with an OEM’s subsidiary

Capelle aan den IJssel, the Netherlands – 18 December 2018 – AND is pleased to announce that it has entered into a, for AND, strategic agreement with a subsidiary of an European automotive OEM. AND will create HD Maps from car sensor data for autonomous driving using MapFusion. The AND MapFusion technology is key to create unprecedented rich, accurate and affordable map data.

The signed contract will contribute substantially to the further development of MapFusion to create unprecedented rich, accurate and affordable HD Maps.

With this agreement AND follows the trend in the automotive sector of more and more vehicles getting connected to the Internet and equipped with advanced sensors. Map and location data are essential for autonomous driving. The conventional way of creating maps no longer fulfills the requirements of autonomous driving. AND’s MapFusion not only ensures an unprecedented richness and accuracy of map data, but also delivers it at substantially lower costs.

About AND
AND is one of only four companies that offer worldwide proprietary digital map data and the only independent one. AND thereby focuses on innovative map data technologies to create better and more relevant map data.

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