GeoJunxion (GOJXN.AS) grants a total of 65,400 share options to its management, employees, long-standing contractors

Capelle aan den IJssel, The Netherlands – 1 November 2021 – GeoJunxion (GOJXN.AS) is happy to announce that it has granted share options to all its employees and a limited selection of its long-standing contractors.  A total of 65,400 share options were awarded.  The strike price of the share options has been set at €1.55, corresponding to the 90 days moving average of the share price as per 30 June 2021.  The share options will vest in four equal quarterly portions, starting on 1 July 2023.  They will vest at the 90 days average closing prices of the GOJXN stock in the period immediately preceding the vesting date. Settlement will be in shares of the company.  

This is the second year that share options are granted under the current scheme.  The initial grant was announced in a press release dated 29 October 2020. 

The Supervisory and Management boards believe that granting all employees the possibility to benefit from the improved operating results of the company, through the allocation of share options, will lead to stronger engagement and ultimately better performance.  This aligns our employee’s interests with those of the shareholders, which are focused on long-term and sustainable value creation.