GeoJunxion introduces new map features for its Outdoor Venue Plan service

Capelle aan den Ijssel, The Netherlands – 20 April 2021 – GeoJunxion is pleased to add a new and welcome feature to its Outdoor Venue Venue Plan Service

With life and business starting to pick up again, now’s the time to revamp your customer experience, before they even step foot in your office .  

GeoJunxion announced today a new and welcome feature: Businesses will be now able to prominently display not only their location, but also accessibility to their venue or office via a live and interactive overview of public transportation, walkways, and other mobility offerings nearby. This feature also offers the best route from  transportation hubs such as train stations or subways to the final office destination. Routes can be customised to include any additional type a of information deemed necessary for the best possible visitor experience.  

With a fully interactive map and information at their fingertips, visitors will be able to effortlessly reach your business and navigate their way via their favorite destinations. See these new features in action on the GeoJunxion’s Office Map here:  

When you click on the map, you can:  

  • Orient the map in direction of travel via the arrow  
  • Zoom in and out with the + /- 
  • Enable/Disable your location on the map via the circle icon 
  • Recenter the map according to your location with the square icon 
  • Look up information about sources and copyrights via the “i” icon –. 

Thierry Jaccoud, CEO at GeoJunxion comments: “Making maps accessible and introducing interactive accessibility has transformed the way people navigate today. Clients have approached us recently and asked us to design their location-enabled office maps. We have now integrated it as part of our Outdoor Venue Plan and decided to showcase it for our own office location first. For more information, or to book a demo, don’t hesitate to call our Sales team”  

With its safety and sustainability mission in mind, GeoJunxion is also due to launch an app later this month. This new app will offer three distinct types of alert functions:  Safety , Eco, and Health, so you can travel to unknown cities with peace of mind knowing you will be alerted of safety or health risks, as well as fines, along your way. This new app can be combined with your favorite routing apps. It will be available in 2 versions. A basic version which stays in the background and warns you as and when necessary. However, you can always upgrade to the PRO version to unleash all functionalities and get the latest information for an annual subscription fee. 

Watch this space for the launch on the App Store and Google Play store soon!