GeoJunxion Launches new COVID-19 Measures Polygons

GeoJunxion is proud to announce the launch of its new COVID-19 Measures Polygons.

These new COVID-19 Measures Polygons are part of a regularly updated and aggregated database of COVID-19-governmental regulations by geographic area, featuring local, national, and international restrictions. Based on research conducted on each country’s handling of the coronavirus, GeoJunxion has created sub-regions corresponding to existing measures outlined by the state, or anticipated areas of further action based on a country’s existing safety and governance structure at the national and next-largest domestic subdivision.

These polygons provide general, comprehensive travel advice in the featured countries, covering a wide variety of restrictions users may run into on a daily basis, such as when taking public transport to their local stores or travelling across countries to visit family. This way they are always aware of the latest applicable regulations since they can view in real time COVID-19 measures in their location and destination, whether it be local or international.

Key features include

  • Area name and geometry
  • Applicable dates
  • House restrictions (Quarantine and lockdown measures, curfew)
  • Social distancing measures (Max people in the house, in public, in groups, for sports, at public events etc…)
  • Transportation restrictions (Transit disruptions, private car and taxi/rideshare rules)
  • Rules regarding face masks (Public transportation, taxi/rideshare, public spaces, restaurants, shops, museums, hotels, government buildings, medical centers work facilities, funerals and civil services etc…)
  • Opening policies by sector
  • Penalties

Thierry Jaccoud, CEO at GeoJunxion said: “Our strategy is to foster a safer and more sustainable world. These polygons, which are part of our High Alert Zones product family and an extension to our Health Alert Zones, provide centralized data based on local authority sources. This information is updated on a weekly basis and our model ensures that users can easily detect changes in risk levels and measures depending on their location. This way, users will always receive the most up to date information where and when they need it and by the same token stay healthy and avoid fines.“

For more information about GeoJunxion’s Health alert zones in general, visit or click on our demonstrator page to find out more about your risk exposure