GeoJunxion receives Level 2 certification on Social Entrepreneurship (PSO) and communicates the release of new Outdoor Venue Plans for two major events in The Netherlands

Capelle aan den IJssel, the Netherlands, 18 July 2022– GeoJunxion (GOJXN.AS) has received Level 2 certification on Social Entrepreneurship: the Prestatieladder Socialer Ondernemen (PSO).  This independent assessment shows that GeoJunxion offers high-quality employment to people who have difficulty accessing the labor market and collaborates with organizations that also do or strive for this. With this certification, GeoJunxion provides an above-average contribution in the field of social entrepreneurship in a sustainable way.  

Ivo Vleeschouwers, GeoJunxion’s CEO and CFO says: “We are proud to have reached the Level 2 certification as we support the aim to help more people with difficulty accessing the labor market finding work in a sustainable and high-quality way. We also encourage our suppliers and contractors to engage in social entrepreneurship. In this way, we grow together towards a more inclusive society.”

Francesco Altamura, GeoJunxion’s CBO and MD, comments: “GeoJunxion has valued diversity, integration and investment in social responsibility for years. We are committed to offering our daily contribution towards a better and more sustainable work environment. Every single action count and we are conscious about that.”

GeoJunxion is one of the first publicly listed organizations with a PSO quality certification. We hope that this will inspire other organizations to also get certified for PSO.

Within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), more and more organizations and governments attach importance to creating more employment opportunities for people who have difficulty accessing the labor market. This part of CSR is called social entrepreneurship.  PSO is TNO’s measuring instrument and quality certification that grades the degree of social entrepreneurship through objective and visible measures. TNO and PSO-Netherlands, in close cooperation with the market, have further developed the PSO according to the latest scientific insights from 2010 onwards. The PSO has now become the national standard in the Netherlands for social entrepreneurship. Watch the PSO-animation for more information: PSO Nederland

Levels of the PSO Performance Ladder

The PSO certification has four performance levels: the Aspirant status, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. In 2020, GeoJunxion obtained the Aspirant status, whereby the company expressed the intention to start with more social entrepreneurship. GeoJunxion has now achieved Level 2. The idea behind the approach based on Levels is that organizations can grow by offering more employment to vulnerable groups in our society in a sustainable way.


Outdoor Venue Plan for CHIO Rotterdam and the Dutch Red Cross

GeoJunxion takes this opportunity to announce the release of the Outdoor Venue Plans for two major events in The Netherlands.  In June 2022, GeoJunxion developed a detailed custom last mile navigable map for CHIO Rotterdam 2022, the only Dutch equestrian 5 stars outdoor event, with 73 years of bright history.

Furthermore, in partnership with the Dutch Red Cross, GeoJunxion developed a detailed last mile navigable map of the Zwarte Cross, a 4-day Dutch festival in Lichtenvoorde, from 14 to 17July.  This map helps first-aid responders to quickly find and get to the precise location of an emergency. Henk-Jan Kienhuis, one of the Red Cross members that coordinates the activities at the Zwarte Cross, commented: “In case of an emergency every second counts. In the past our volunteers needed to look at the paper map, find their location and the place of the emergency. Next was to find out how to get quickest to destination. With the Outdoor Venue Plan developed by GeoJunxion we now save precious minutes in response time which can be critical in case of emergency.”

GeoJunxion’s Outdoor Venue Plan are custom, fully navigable web maps, making the experience of the visitors and professionals working on the event easier, more user-friendly and effective.


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