LocationSmart Selects AND for Compliance Services

LocationSmart embeds AND global maps for compliance

Capelle aan den IJssel (the Netherlands) /Carlsbad, CA (USA) – 5 November 2018 – LocationSmart, the world’s largest Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) company, announced today the selection of AND, a global provider of digital maps and location-based services, as its supplier of maps for its location platform. The inclusion of global map boundaries bolsters LocationSmart’s compliance services for international use for applications such as in gaming, lottery, ecommerce and financial services.

LocationSmart chose AND’s Digital World Map Shoreline and International Administrative Boundaries to use in its compliance APIs. The company has expanded its Smart Zone API that allows a business to confirm that the location of a device obtained via one of various location methods is in or out of a given boundary. This API now includes compliance checks against global country boundaries along with other pre-configured and customer-specific boundary options. LocationSmart plans to have the first of its international customers using this compliance service in Q4 of this year.

AND CEO Hugo van der Linde: “We are happy that we have entered into an agreement to license location and boundary data to LocationSmart. LocationSmart is the worldwide Cloud Location Services market leader for connected devices. This agreement strengthens our belief that we offer a quality mapping product, matching current market needs.”

“LocationSmart selected AND as its partner for global map boundaries for their comprehensive coverage and versatility in data delivery,” said Mario Proietti, CEO of LocationSmart. “We’re pleased to offer these enhanced services to our customers and to extend the utility of our location platform for verification and compliance needs.”

About LocationSmart
LocationSmart is the worldwide Cloud Location Services market leader for connected devices. We provide the most comprehensive cross-carrier platform for local, hyper-local and context-aware application development. Our core location services span indoor and outdoor use across devices, platforms and carrier networks. Serving Fortune 500 customers and innovative start-ups alike, LocationSmart is changing the ways companies do business. We deliver the broadest reach and largest global footprint, with an extensive portfolio of privacy consent methods for easy end user adoption. For more information, please visit http://www.locationsmart.com.

About AND
AND provides worldwide digital maps and location-based services. The company focuses on automatic and real time map updates to add location intelligence to improve business processes through the AND LBS Platform, proprietary digital maps and MapFusion. Founded in 1984, AND is one of the Netherlands’ longest established software groups. AND’s head office is located in Capelle aan den IJssel, the Netherlands.

AND offers a road database that connects more than 200 countries in the world, including fully attributed navigation maps of Western Europe and North-America. For more information, please visit https://www.geojunxion.com