New Range Of Innovative Content From AND

Capelle aan den Ijssel, Netherlands – 11 September 2019: AND has announced the imminent release of a range of new content including: a neighbourhood evaluator; noise pollution maps and a Time Distance Matrix.

“These new products follow hot on the heels of last week’s launch of another API suite and underline our ability to expand our portfolio and deliver more and more value,” explained AND CEO Thierry Jaccoud. “We are also flexible and respond quickly to market demands – the result is global, best-in-class location-aware solutions.”

Neighbourhood Evaluator
• Neighbourhood ratings based on amenities, housing prices, family suitability, crime, sustainability, education and employment
• Absolute rating from 0 to 100 per neighbourhood
• Overall rating can be weighted by preference and/or priority
• Uniform model across whole country
• Matched to AND network
• Available for the Netherlands later this month

Noise Pollution Map
• Detailed, proprietary noise pollution model based on EU recognised CNOSSOS
• Includes sources such as traffic, industry and people in public locations
• Comprehensive noise level maps incorporating terrain and buildings
• Can be combined with Neighbourhood Evaluator
• Evaluation of buildings by floor is possible
• Netherlands evaluation samples available at the end of September

Time Distance Matrix v. 1.1 API
• Three average speed options (night, day and rush hours) based on historical data
• Fast asynchronous, easy to use API
• No usage restrictions
• Large matrices on request (max. dimension 1 million cells – e.g. 1000×1000 or 100×10.000)
• Compatible with both AND and OSM maps
• Available later this month