Resolutions of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders AND International Publishers NV (AND.AS)

GeoJunxion: a company reimagined

Rotterdam, the Netherlands – 30 December 2020 – The Management Board and the Supervisory Board are pleased to report that all agenda items of the annual General Meeting of Shareholders held yesterday have been approved or adopted by the shareholders in accordance with the proposal.

In the meeting, a total of 1,953,629 shares were registered to vote, which equates to 52,42% of the total outstanding shares as of December 1st 2020.

The voting results per agenda topic were as follows:

AND International Publishers NV shareholders have approved the name change for our Euronext listed company – it will be now be called GeoJunxion NV.


GeoJunxion – building on strong foundations

Having started in October 2020 with the introduction of the GeoJunxion brand, this was the last stage in the creation of a new corporate identity.

Founded by Hans Abbink and Eiko Dekkers in 1984 and based in Rotterdam, AND had, by the early 1990s, developed into a leading technology and software company. With subsidiaries in the UK, Ireland, USA and India, it focused on the global publication of media-based encyclopaedias and route planners and went public in 1996. The new millennium brought with it the rise of the internet which demanded a new business model, so AND moved on to deliver unrivalled global digital map data at a time when most other companies were only offering Western Europe and North America.

“More recently, global tech companies began investing heavily in digital mapping, making it difficult to maintain an edge in such a fiercely competitive market,” explained Thierry Jaccoud, GeoJunxion CEO. “Basic digital map data became a commodity and once again it was time for our company to reinvent itself.”

Far from leaving its’ past behind, GeoJunxion is leveraging all the invaluable experience and expertise gained over decades. With location-aware content at its core, the company recognises its’ strengths and has the know-how and technology needed to produce premium, intelligent products and services at the right price and on a worldwide scale.

“We are turning another important page in our evolution,” added Jaccoud. “And I would like to pay tribute to our impressive heritage and also thank the whole team (some of whom have been with the company for over 30 years), the contractors, vendors and shareholders for their ongoing support and faith in our future.”

GeoJunxion is the crossroads where fundamental, location-aware content connects with superior, customised intelligence and highly focused innovations to empower exceptional experiences.