Results 2018 AND International Publishers NV

Capelle aan den IJssel, the Netherlands – March 28, 2019 – AND International Publishers NV has realized a revenue of € 1,0 million (2017: € 1,4 million). Net operating result, excluding impairment resulted in € (1,6) million (2017: € (1,9) million). Earnings per share came in at € (0.84) compared with € (0.76) in 2017.

AND Chief Executive Officer Thierry Jaccoud: “2018 proved to be a transformative year for AND. Initiated in 2017, the heart of our transformation is building a new and more consistent revenue stream in the automotive and other innovative verticals. Mapping the real world is more relevant than ever. Highly accurate, rich maps are not only needed for autonomous car, but also for smart cities, IOT technology and new GIS applications. Our objective is to keep strengthening our role in this new mapping arena by investing in advanced technology, such as machine learning, for MapFusion. The economic conditions in Europe in the coming years are uncertain but we do see (as mentioned above) an increasing demand for new, highly customised maps. We will keep investing in technology and our map and continue to expand our reach to new markets.”

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