Unlock more insights with new AND Administrative Boundaries API

AND has just released a new API which enables clients to drill from the individual country level down to the municipality. These geo-boundaries support multiple views from Admin  i.e the country level down the most detailed admin level i.e Admin 8 and give you full control to join your geographic data to specific polygons across the globe.

Geo-Boundaries can be part of the solution for dynamic visualizations and analysis such as geolocating, turn-by-turn navigation, routing, geofencing, local search, GIS analysis, geotagging and track & trace across many industry verticals.

For analyses, it is crucial that all boundaries offer comprehensive coverage, without any gaps and are of course regularly updated. Other features are the inclusion of both the national and international nomenclature and the ‘point in polygon’ check, which makes it possible to check within which administrative area an object is located.

AND is one of the few digital mapping companies offering global seamless and georeferenced boundaries coverage. AND’s new API allows you to readily integrate boundaries to your maps, and add valuable polygon data to your dashboards. By selecting our APIs, you can rest assured that the data has been collected, verified and updated as per AND’s strict quality standards. Please note that boundary coverage can vary greatly by country so we encourage you to contact us for detailed data available for your specific country or countries.

Want to see our new Administrative API in action? Visit our developer portal or call us for a demo +31 (0)10 885 1206