You are about to enter a congestion zone!

Eco Alert Zones are areas in cities with low-emission zones (LEZ), congestion zones, environmental zones, clean air zones (CAZ) and for example limited area zones (ZTL) where only certain vehicles are allowed. By integrating these zones into navigation systems, drivers can be alerted when they are approaching a congestion, environmental, clean air or ZTL zone. The rules, fees, restrictions and fines associated with these areas vary hugely country by country, so it is important to know where they are. Our database currently includes 2,500+ zones. 

Geometry, name, location, type of zone, when it is active, acceptable emissions standards, vehicles it applies to and, where available, the latest prices in the local currency are all included to deliver a comprehensive overview. With additional details on the badge or fees needed for individual zones, drivers can avoid any potential penalties or decide against entering the zone during restricted hours. The information is updated daily and offered in both English and the local language.

Eco Alert Zones will enable car owner associations, fleet management or tour operators to steer clear of unnecessary fines and ultimately reduce their carbon footprint by finding optimal routes to travel and also inform customers about the vehicle emissions requirement for each trip. This authoritative and dynamic data is a perfect fit with the GeoJunxion mission to advance safety and sustainability through location-aware content.

Eco Alert Zones image GeoJunxion

Key Features

• Consistent, complete information from one source 
• Based on authoritative data on official low emission and congestion zones 
• Detailed attributes updated daily 
• Highly accurate geometry information in English and local language 
• Penalties in local currency 
• Time restrictions given by vehicle type 
• Digitised to the highest resolution 
• Map agnostic – compatible with GeoJunxion, OSM or any other maps
• Information available as geographical database or via API
• The geometry information is available as boundaries and /or polygons
• Expanding global coverage 
• Simple pricing models

In addition to Eco Alert Zones, the High Alert Zones expanding suite of map agnostic content designed to foster safety and sustainability currently offers: Safety Alert Zones, Health Alert Zones and Hazard Roads USA.