COVID-19 statistics and risk evaluation

Delivering global, authoritative COVID-19 pandemic statistics, this API also offers unique and very localised, risk evaluation across several focus countries. The focus countries i.e Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, UK and USA include Health Alert Zones risk rating down to street level.

Combined with local knowledge of up to 50 different types of location (for example, shopping centres, theatres, parks, train stations and schools), the rating calculates the risk of COVID-19 exposure for areas as small as 100m x 100m. Knowing where the virus is more prevalent makes it easier for people to choose where to go and where to avoid.

Businesses can also benefit by taking the appropriate safety measures when planning logistics operations or deploying sales and service teams. Health Alert Zones could also be added to tourist information, health portals and other COVID-19 applications. Daily updates ensure the information is always current and historical data is retained for future reference.
Health Alert Zones 1 GeoJunxion

Simply click below to view your health risk exposure via our Health Alert Zones Demonstrator. All you have to do is enter the city you are located in or the one you are planning to visit to find out if you are in a low, medium or high risk area. The data is updated on a daily basis.

Key Features

• Consistent, complete information from one source 
• Based on WHO and local government data
• Augmented with GeoJunxion administrative maps
• Global coverage
• Risk evaluation down to 100m x 100m in focus countries
• Daily updates
• Historical data storage
• Digitised to the highest resolution 
• Map agnostic – compatible with GeoJunxion Digital Map, OSM or any other map
• Simple pricing models
• Privacy preserved with nolocation data requests retained
• Delivered via API in GeoJSON format or as vectors data on GeoJunxion map tiler

In addition to Health Alert Zones, the High Alert Zones expanding suite of map agnostic content designed to foster safety and sustainability currently offers: Safety Alert Zones, Eco Alert Zones and Hazard Roads USA.