Outdoor Venue Plan: Turnkey, Tailor-Made Interactive Maps by GeoJunxion

Have you ever experienced that your visitors get lost at your event or location? Do you want to gain insights to quickly react in case of emergencies or unexpected situations?

With our online tool we provide both the visitor and the organization with a user-friendly, effective geo-awareness service, and planning and navigation system. Users easily locate themselves on the tailor-made map and plan their route from their position to any facility in the event area. On the other side, venue owners can make use of the same map as a tool to effectively plan the event and track/optimize the crowd within the location.

The Outdoor Venue Plan is a turn-key solution to make your location available on any mobile device or PC. Based on your requirements, GeoJunxion adds the exact position of all amenities, services, safety hotspots and walking routes inside the venue area. You will reduce possible stress and dramatically improve the user experience of your visitors. In addition, the Outdoor Venue Plan can be utilized as a marketing to promote the sponsors of the event, highlight commercial activities and services within the venue, including brand awareness of those working/exposing in the area.

The Outdoor Venue Plan is the perfect geo-awareness and navigation tool for many venues. For example: campsites, parks, sports grounds, golf courses, festivals, university campuses, large constructions, industrial sites, etc.

Key Benefits:

  • Always have a detailed custom map available on a mobile device or web browser
  • Higher customer satisfaction and reducing stress by people finding their way on the event
  • Visitors/Providers/Suppliers to the venue find their way quickly at the event location
  • Improved crowd management and event safety for delegates, clients and suppliers
  • Cost saving and lower environmental impact by reducing the use of paper maps
  • In case of a festival or an event: innovative tool for sponsors to showcase their presence
  • Available 24/7

Key Features:

  • Wayfinding/Navigation at the venue
  • Zoom and search based on facilities specific to your venue
  • Detailed map with (fixed and/or temporary) locations important to you and your visitors
  • Custom routing for optimal crowd management
  • Safety grid layer for quick localization anywhere at the venue
  • Safety locations such as emergency exits, fire extinguishers, automated external defibrillators
  • Optional: Add 3D street view experience


Use Cases

WizzyMaps – Zuiderzee Museum

GeoJunxion in partnership with WizzyMaps create beautiful maps for both last-mile navigation, localizition and on-site routing.

Red Cross at Zwarte Cross

Together with the Red Cross, GeoJunxion developed an interactive and navigable map of the Zwarte Cross, a big outdoor festival in Lichtenvoorde, the Netherlands. This limited the time drastically for the Red Cross to reach specific locations.

CHIO Rotterdam 2022

GeoJunxion developed a detailed custom last mile navigable map for CHIO Rotterdam 2022, the only Dutch equestrian 5 stars outdoor event, with 73 years of bright history.

Italian Municipality Project

The Municipality of Ameglia commissioned GeoJunxion to map their ZTL, waste and recycling facilities as well as their historical sites. 

GeoJunxion Accessibility Map

As most companies require an accessibility map to make sure you can easily reach their premises, GeoJunxion applied the turnkey OVP solution to their own offices in Capelle.  

Macana Maldives Itinerary

While cruising in the Maldives, you might want to find out which are the best spots to scuba dive and explore ahead of time the fauna and flora. 

Mobility Plan Belgian Company 

One of our Belgian clients asked us to design an accessibility plan so that employees and clients can reach their premises in the most effective way, via multiple mobility options. 

Playing Fields Rotterdam

How useful would it be to know before you head into your training or game on which field you will be playing. This way you don’t have rush and you can navigate your way around the grounds very easily. 

Rotterdam Feijenoord Football Stadium

What better way can you show your fans and supporters how to access the stadium, access it via car or public transport or even visualize where they will be seating. 

Campsite Netherlands

This campsite wanted to elevate their customer experience to the next level and provide potential clients an overall view of their facilities.