Turnkey, Tailor-Made Interactive Maps

A bespoke, interactive map for last mile navigation within outdoor venues, this service greatly improves the visitor experience. People can establish their current locations, find their way around and get directions to various amenities across the site via smartphone and standard browsers such as Chrome or Safari.

Campsites, holiday parks, sports grounds, golf courses, festivals, university campuses or any large construction, production or industrial site, this service is available for every location in the world covered by GPS or other satellite positioning system. All we need is a PDF or paper copy of the site plan and our production team will digitise, geo-reference and host it on a dedicated website for 24/7 availability. It is a simple, turnkey solution which is free to the end user.

Functions include map navigation, zoom and search based on facilities specific to each site. There is also an optional safety layer featuring, for example, Covid compliant routing, emergency exits, fire extinguishers or automated external defibrillators. On site turn-by-turn navigation can also be added; and the service can be combined with our High Alert Zones products.

Outdoor Venue Plan 1 GeoJunxion

Key Features

• Accurate, digitised, geo-referenced site plan
• Flexible, more current alternative to paper
 • Enhances visitor experience 
• Navigation, search and zoom functions 
• Optional safety data 
• Optional turn-by-turn site navigation
• Colours and style can be customised to each venue 
• Delivered with a global map for orientation beyond the venue 
• No app download needed 
• Unique URL created alongside a QR code for easy access 
• Can be combined with GeoJunxion High Alerts Zones product suite 
• Available 24/7 
• Free of charge to end users