Geofences are an effective tool for Location-based marketing for companies to reach their target customers

Geofencing can be used to pinpoint consumers’ locations and provide location-specific advertisements/messages on their mobile devices, allowing for more effective digital advertising campaigns. Examples of geofences used in location-based marketing include Location Based Advertising, Location Based Delivery, Last Mile Mobility Geofences and Urban Geofences. With these tools businesses are able to track the exact whereabouts of users within a certain area to deliver tailored messages or services that meet the user’s needs at that moment – this could range from timely delivery notifications through targeted ads based on proximity. By leveraging geolocation technology with creative strategies, businesses can increase engagement with potential customers while also improving customer satisfaction by providing personalized experiences tailored specifically around them.

Examples of Smart & Dynamic Geofences for Marketing

With Smart & Dynamic Geofences Location Based Marketing can accelerate the future of mobility, some examples different geofencing types:
  • Last-mile Mobility Geofences
  • Urban Mobility Geofences
  • Smart Urban Traffic Zones
  • Transport / Distribution Geofences
  • Location Based Marketing Geofences
  • Ticketing Geofencing

Location Intelligence Data Services

Geofences are a powerful tool to manage many marketing and adverting tools. GeoJunxion can create any type of geofence for any use case. Interested to understand how GeoJunxion can help you? Contact us and send an email to