GeoCoder GeoJunxion Geo location API


Using our Digital Map and Geocoding technology as a basis, the Geocoder API has two options: the regular address to GPS coordinates function and the reverse look-up whereby GPS coordinates are translated to an address.

Administrative Boundaries GeoJunxion

Administrative Boundaries

Our Administrative Boundaries are accurate representations of the administrative levels within a country. These can be part of the solution for: geo-locating, turn-by-turn navigation, routing, geofencing, local search, GIS analysis, geotagging and track & trace.

Geo Boundaries GeoJunxion Geo Location API


Our Geo-Boundaries API adds relevant information to a location, based on its numerical co-ordinates – usually the name or type of area. These areas can either be manmade or natural. Our database records the geographic boundaries of administrative zones across the globe.

Time Zones GeoJunxion

Time Zones

Our Time Zones API provides time zone information and reflects the different zones around the globe that observe a uniform standard time based on their location on the surface of the earth. Using the API, you can request time zone information for a specific location, including daylight saving information.