Administrative Boundaries GeoJunxion

Administrative Boundaries

Our Administrative Boundaries are accurate representations of the administrative levels within a country. These can be part of the solution for: geo-locating, turn-by-turn navigation, routing, geofencing, local search, GIS analysis, geotagging and track & trace.

Built Up Areas

A built-up area (BUA) is defined as a geographic area with high density of buildings and human activities. Such areas have been identified via geo-referenced boundaries and are now part of GeoJunxion’s product portfolio. A built-up area is usually characterized by a higher density of human footprint and it may differ from the city boundary or other official administrative boundaries.

Geo Boundaries GeoJunxion Geo Location API


Our Geo-Boundaries API adds relevant information to a location, based on its numerical co-ordinates – usually the name or type of area. These areas can either be manmade or natural. Our database records the geographic boundaries of administrative zones across the globe.

GeoCoder GeoJunxion Geo location API


Using our Digital Map and Geocoding technology as a basis, the Geocoder API has two options: the regular address to GPS coordinates function and the reverse look-up whereby GPS coordinates are translated to an address.


Geofences are virtual boundaries which help to control and monitor the movement of people and vehicles within an area or zone. GeoJunxion geo-fences either follow a formal boundary or virtual boundariy required by the user.

Map Tile Server

The Map Tile Server shows online maps within websites or hosted on premise through GIS software. These maps and their tiles are generated from a map database and are delivered on API request to end-users.  The map service comes with on-demand tile rendering rendering, often with smart-tiling, and custom styling. With smart tiling, all populated areas can be pre-rendered to fulfill super-fast response to map requests.

Time Zones GeoJunxion

Time Zones

Our Time Zones API provides time zone information and reflects the different zones around the globe that observe a uniform standard time based on their location on the surface of the earth. Using the API, you can request time zone information for a specific location, including daylight saving information. 

ZIP+4 Boundaries

This dataset contains ZIP code boundaries and polygons that are based on parcel data and road geometry. This data is augmented with additional information about geographic subdivisions like related metropolitan areas, carrier routes, census block groups, and related statistical areas.