Discover the Power of Geofencing for City Logistics

Geofencing is a game-changing asset for the world of logistics and distribution, empowering supply chain managers to fine-tune routing, telematics, and transportation strategies. By creating virtual boundaries around distribution centers and restricted areas like low-emission zones or limited traffic zones, geofencing opens up a world of possibilities for efficient delivery planning. This innovative technology ensures that vehicles are steered clear of hazardous or congested areas while still meeting delivery deadlines. Moreover, geofencing plays an important role in last-mile deliveries by providing notifications when a vehicle enters a home delivery area, giving customers precise updates about their package arrival. With geofencing at the helm of logistics optimization, companies can guarantee safe and punctual deliveries, every time.

Embracing Geofences: Navigating the Fleet Challenge

As Zero Emission Zones and similar geofences become an integral part of urban landscapes, companies are confronted with the crucial task of aligning their fleet with this sustainability trend. Understanding the locations of these zones holds paramount significance in determining the composition of the fleet and the nature of deliveries that can be undertaken per vehicle.

The challenge lies in the need to transition towards a fleet that is equipped to operate within Zero Emission Zones, necessitating a comprehensive understanding of the geographical spread of these zones. By being aware of the locations of Zero Emission Zones, companies can make informed decisions regarding the types of vehicles required and the specific deliveries that can be accommodated within these environmentally conscious areas.

This awareness empowers companies to strategically plan for a fleet that is in harmony with the Zero Emission Zones, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations while continuing to meet delivery demands. Ultimately, knowing the locations of Zero Emission Zones is pivotal in shaping the future of fleet management and sustainable urban logistics.


Examples of Smart & Dynamic Geofences for Logistics and Distribution

With Smart & Dynamic Geofences the Logistics and Distribution industry can accelerate the future of mobility, some examples different geofencing types:

Location Intelligence Data Services

Geofences are a powerful tool to optimize Logistics and Distribution. GeoJunxion can create any type of geofence for any use case. Interested to understand how GeoJunxion can help you? Contact us and send an email to

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