Geofencing is an important tool for logistics and distribution, allowing supply chain managers to optimize routing, telematics and transportation. Geofences can be used to create virtual boundaries around distribution centers or other restricted areas such as low-emission zones or limited traffic zones. This allows for more efficient delivery planning by ensuring that vehicles are routed away from dangerous or congested areas while still meeting delivery deadlines. Additionally, geofencing can help with last-mile deliveries by providing real-time notifications when a vehicle enters a home delivery area so customers know exactly when their package will arrive. With the use of geofences in logistics optimization, companies can ensure that their deliveries are made safely and on time every time.

Examples of Smart & Dynamic Geofences for Logistics and Distribution

With Smart & Dynamic Geofences the Logistics and Distribution industry can accelerate the future of mobility, some examples different geofencing types:

Location Intelligence Data Services

Geofences are a powerful tool to optimize Logistics and Distribution. GeoJunxion can create any type of geofence for any use case. Interested to understand how GeoJunxion can help you? Contact us and send an email to